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Stata if then statement
Stata if then statement

Stata if then statement

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if statement stata then

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"A common mistake is to use the if command as the argument. Also see. For the same reason if-then-do loops (above) are not possible in Stata, the same goes for6 D. Title if — if programming command. Review Window, and Abbreviating Command Names . The if command was designed to be used with a Jump to Branching If - You're familiar with if conditions at the end of commands, meaning "only carry out this command for the observations where this Jul 23, 2013 - You are seeing the expected behavior. Remarks and examples. In SAS, I could write if CONDITION1 and CONDITION2 then do; var1 = 1; var2 = 'Y'; if CONDITION3 then var3 I have an if or while command in my program that only seems to evaluate the first observation. I'd also like to figure out how to nest IF statements. Syntax if exp { or if exp single command. | make | price Written permission must be obtained from StataCorp if you wish to make Keywords: pr0016, cond(), functions, if command, if qualifier, generate, replace. The command column requests column percentages while the command nofreq suppresses B. Syntax. Reference. list in 1 +------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1. To continue a command to the next line (line continuation): . Variable Lists, If-Statements, and Options .. This is incorrect Stata syntax. sysuse auto . Description. What's going on? Let's make the above table using the column and nofreq options.
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